Let’s Play Speech!

“Speech is my Music. Music is my Speech” – Emiko Hori

My publication, “Let’s Play Speech!: How to Give a Better Speech Using the Principals of Musical Performance” (ISBN: 0615748929
ISBN-13: 978-0615748924)” by PapayaWorks is now available on Amazon.com!
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banner2For many people, public speaking is scarier than death. When I initially started out as a public speaker, I did not have this death-hell problem. Although I am not an extrovert person in nature, exposing myself in front of audience was not life-death threatening incident… And I started to wonder why. People keep telling me that I am good at presenting. People say I engage the audience. People say that I own the stage. Suddenly, I realized that my musical background as a concert pianist was a disguised foundation to be a solid public speaker. As a pianist, I have toured throughout Europe as a part of Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Orchestra, Germany. I have performed in Canada and U.S. Mainly I have focused on touching people’s heart by performing at numerous castles, schools, private homes, and businesses. My favorites are Mozart and Chopin.

I possess 10 years of corporate experience being worked at Microsoft, Epson, and numerous internet startups throughout U.S. If you want to talk about “stress”, contact me or drop me an email. I can share joys, excitements, as well as a fast-pace, challenging corporate environment on this planet.

It is very easy to be negative within this stressful corporate world. However, there is a way to combat it! Humor! Adding humor to EVERYTHING WE DO AND FEEL IN A CORPORATE WORLD is absolutely a must, in order to survive in this competitive society.

I am not a million-dollar presenter; I don’t own Maserati, either. However, after I gave a presentation about similarities between music performance and public speaking and received a wonderful response from audience, something sparked within me. I got motivated to help others, which lead to publish a book.

Speech is a performance. Speech is a form of art. I would like to share with you the musician’s mindset, attitude, and preparation for the performance. This mindset can apply to any presentation, any audience, and in any circumstances.

Guess what? And you don’t need to be a musician at all to find out these techniques!

See you all there! Let’s Play Speech!

Let’s Play Speech! – Unexpected 120/80 Principle Practice with a Script