Emiko’s Music Videos

Emiko performs Bach Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor

Emiko performs Liszt Concert Etude No.2 “La Leggierezza”

Emiko performs Brahms Quartet G minor Op. 25

Emiko performs Beethoven Ghost Trio!

Emiko performs Mozart Violin Sonata

Emiko plays Stars And Stripes Forever 🙂

Emiko performs ON THE STAGE!

Emiko performs ON THE STAGE!

Emiko ON fire with Chopin

Emiko ON THE STAGE! – Debussy Images

Emiko performs “Linus And Lucy” @ corporate event
with Yamaha Keyboard E213

Performed Mozart in a beautiful Austrian-style house.
It looks like a house in Salzburg, doesn’t it?

Please excuse my glasses:) “Geek” Emiko plays Aeolian harp,
Chopin Etude Op.25 No.1.

This is me, playing Mozart Sonata K.330.

OK, Jazz is not my cup of tea, however, this is a tribute to my hero. Enjoy!